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  • Katie Israel, GN, MA, RCC, Clinical Traumatologist

    My mission is to partner with you in exploring, identifying and working through some situations and challenges that often cause us to feel stuck, hopeless, and experience a lot of psychological and spiritual suffering. In the uniqueness of each individual, situation or mental status, I work jointly with you to facilitate and promote understanding, meaning, and transformation to achieve and sustain what you need. With my own lived experiences, continued training and experience working with many others, I am able to work with those experiencing a range of internal states including trauma survivors, PTSD, depression, anxiety, low-self esteem, undefined sense of Self, relational dysfunctions, even a general sense of feeling stuck or overwhelmed.

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    Life isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even the strongest people amongst us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Everyone has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point. Whether it’s traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression; or relational challenges, loss and grief, you should know that there is hope for a better tomorrow.

    “You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

    ” a calm state of mind cultivates an atmosphere of insight and resilience” – Katie Israel

    In a calm state of mind, humans have an innate capacity to heal, moreover, to transform and become better at managing selves and life experiences.

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